Tips for 2020/2021

Now that we’re at the beginning of a new financial year – it’s the perfect time to put some systems in place so that you’re not rushing around the day before your tax appointment finding all your old receipts!

Here are our top two tips to stay organised throughout the year:

  • Start a system for yourself – whether that’s downloading an app and uploading all receipts to this, organising your receipts into colour-coded manila folders or tracking them on a spreadsheet. Pick a system that works for you and stick to it (you’ll thank yourself later)
  • Speak to your accountant at your upcoming tax appointment on all the things you should be keeping records of – whether it’s payments you’ve received (salary, dividends, rental income) or expenses. When you know exactly what you need to track (and why) it makes it a lot less confronting.

We hope this helps! If you haven’t already lodged your return, make an appointment with one of our tax experts today. Phone us on 4638 5300 or visit our website, here:

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