How Do You Define Your Business Success?

Whether you perceive the success of your business as hitting a certain profit margin, an obvious growth or simply having a cohesive team that doesn’t rely on you to mange absolutely every aspect.

Whatever the measure, the parts of the equation that always needs to be considered in your business strategy are your numbers and the compliance obligation of running your small business.

Without tracking or reporting in place, it’s hard to truly know the performance of your business. A great time to check in on your business performance is at the end of each quarter, as this is also when your BAS is due. Quarterly reviews process ensures you are achieving sales and not overspending.

Here are three easy steps to tracking your business success:

Know your dates and lodge on time

Your BAS is an important ATO obligation due each quarter, that needs to be prioritised to ensure you can operate a successful business, no matter what your goals are.

Our team at Moore Lewis & Partners have seen firsthand how hard it can be for a small business owner to get back on track after falling behind with lodgements.

Don’t be held back by old debts, focus on your business growth by letting us assist you with the manage your BAS.

For more information check out our BAS management services –

Review your numbers

Profit and Loss Reports, Balance Sheets, Aged Receivables Reports and Aged Payable Reports are all documents that assist you in knowing how much you need to save for your obligations, track your expenditure, your profit margins, sales trends, employment costs and so much more.

Knowing how to generate these reports in your accounting software is one thing, however understanding what numbers are most important for your business is where the value lies!

For assistance with this find out more about our SME Business Planning –

Check in with us

Above all, having a dependable accountant from our Moore Lewis & Partners team to discuss your quarterly results can help you recognise areas of obvious discrepancies or issues, understand your cash position and most importantly plan for improvement or next steps needed to achieve your goals.

To reach out to us and organise an appointment today, please contact us on 4638 5300.  

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