Commonwealth COVID-19 Disaster Payment

The COVID-19 Disaster Payment was originally announced on 3 June 2021 in response to the May/June lockdown in Victoria. Since then, the Disaster Payment has been made applicable to Commonwealth declared hotspots such as in News South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Its primary aim is to provide weekly assistance to eligible individuals, like full time, part time and casual workers, who have lost hours of paid work due to state imposed health restrictions.

Both the eligibility criteria and the value of the COVID-19 Disaster Payment have been moving targets as it has been applied to subsequent COVID-19 hotspots and the resulting public health orders.

The amount you are eligible to receive will depend upon factors such as the location of applicable health order, the period of which you are claiming for and the hours of work you have lost.

Under the current version of the COVID-19 Disaster Payment, the criteria is as follow –

  • If you have lost 20 hours or more of your weekly wage, you may be eligible for $750 per week.
  • If you have lost between 8 and 20 hours of your weekly wage, or a full day of your usual work you are eligible for $450 per week.

Furthermore, if you are a recipient of the Federal Government income support payments or receive the ABSTUDY living or education allowance and have broadly lost at least eight hours of work in a week, you may be eligible for varied COVID-19 Disaster Payment of $200 per week.

If you are a sole trader you may also be eligible for the Disaster Payment, however we advise that you first check to see if you are eligible for any State or Territory COVID-19 Disaster Payment or State or Territory business support payment for a relevant period.

To make a claim head over to your myGov account online and ensure your Centrelink Online account is linked.

If you hold a working visa you may also be eligible, however you will need to call Services Australia on 180 22 66.

If you require any further support in lodging your COVID-19 Disaster Payment claim or discovering a support grant best suited for you, please contact us on 4638 5300 or visit our website –

Otherwise, to discover more about the COVID-19 Disaster Payment visit –

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